Affiliate Invitation From

Invitation From 

Dear friends, 

Welcome to affiliate program from www.ICStation. This is Sherry and Happy New Year! Surprising commission are waiting for you and up to 10% Untill 5,Jan.2016.

3 Steps Only to Get the Big Commission: 
1, Register your Icstation account here;
2, Find 'My affiliate' in your account information, and get your Affiliate ID;
3, use '-html?aid= your Affiliate ID' formula to get your product links and share them on your social platforms or friends as many as you can, in that way we can track the links you share and assure your commission :)

For example, your Affiliate id is 48, you want to share item

then your valid 2709 link is ''.

Finally, you can get the commission when people buy our products through the links you have shared, and then we'll send your the commission money into your paypal account at every end of the month.

Hope to join hands with you soon and may you have any questions, plz feel free to contact me at Have a nice day.



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